Good News For WhatsApp Users

Good News For Whats App Users

Facebook-led messaging app WhatsApp has brought a key feature. Provides a new update for users who are tired of group chats and alerts. WhatsApp has recently introduced a feature that can always mute group chats with an option called Always Mute. WhatsApp revealed this on its official Twitter. Tweeted that the chat can be muted forever.

Has finally launched this feature that users have been eagerly awaiting. It is also available for iPhone and Android users. This new feature will help people stay away from those annoying WhatsApp groups forever. If the chat is muted there will be no notification from the relevant groups.

Messages, pictures or videos, no other feed bothered. Not only that. There is also the possibility of unmuting it if necessary. So far it is known that this facility is allowed to be muted for eight hours, one week, one year.

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