Most of the mobile games were played in those cities. Interesting things in the study

Most of the mobile games were played in those cities

These days those who don’t have a phone are scarce to be seen. The use of ordinary phones has decreased and the use of smartphones has increased tremendously. In this context, the number of people playing games on smartphones is increasing. Students and youth in particular are accustomed to these types of games. There are also those who lost their lives playing a game like Pubby. Many also committed suicide. These events show just how much impact smartphones have on young people.

In this context, the UK-based data company OpenSignal conducted a study. The study was conducted on mobile game players in India. However, the study donations were published on Tuesday. Based on this .. Ahmedabad has the highest number of mobile game players. It turns out that many people here are using real-time multiplier games like Pubby. It turned out that 71.7 out of 100 people are playing similar mobile games here.

Navy Mumbai is next with 70.1 points. It is followed by Vadodara (69.8), Surat (68), Bhopal (67.8), Mumbai (67.8), Gwalior (67.7), Indore (67.7), Thane (65.7), and Rajkot (64.3). Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata are next with 59.8, 61.3, and 57.2 points respectively. The cities of Varanasi and Thiruvananthapuram are in the last position with less than 50 points. Hyderabad is 13th with 63.1 points.

According to Open Signal, the number of people playing mobile games in India has skyrocketed due to the availability of low-cost smartphones, low data prices, and increased internet bandwidth. For these reasons, the mobile game has expanded to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Another estimate is that the mobile games market in India currently stands at 1 1.1 billion. The number of users is expected to reach around 62 crores this year.

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