These 5 Foods You Should Not Eat Every Day It Causes Kidney Stones

5 Foods You Should Not Eat Every Day:

To be healthy … we need to eat food on time. It all depends on what we eat … our health. Unfortunately these days most people are consuming more and more of fried food, fast food, pizzas, burgers, fries, oily ingredients, ice creams, cakes, cool drinks. Recently, a processed food called Ready to Eat has arrived. It is also dangerous. Overall we need to look at what we are eating … whether we are eating the right food. Because … Doctors say that this processing, packing and fast food is the cause of various diseases coming these days.

The shocking thing is … some of the foods we make at home can also harm us. I mean … we shouldn’t eat them every day for the same purpose. If you do so … there is a risk of kidney stones. Let’s find out something about that food.


Capsicum use has increased significantly. Because … this Shimla chilli … gives extra flavor to the curry. So … we need to know that it contains oxalate crystals. These crystals … go into the body … together with the calcium … form calcium oxalate bonds. According to The Health Report … if someone is consuming too much capsicum … they are at risk of developing kidney stones.


Small or large in chocolates … anything … is a pleasure to eat. But we must remember one thing. Chocolates contain oxalate. If you have kidney problems … if you have kidney stones … you should stay away from chocolates. Eating too much chocolate … Kidney problems are not wrong.


It is unfortunate that tomatoes are also on this list. We all use tomatoes every day. It is common in every home. But tomato seeds contain oxalate. It gives taste to food. At the same time … it also gives stones to the kidneys. If you use tomatoes on a daily basis … not too much … if you use them as needed … there will be no big problem.


Seafood contains specialized Parisian ingredients. Marine fish and other foods eaten daily … Uric acid mostly reaches the body. It goes into the kidneys and turns into stones. If there are stones in the kidney … can not bear. So … if we take proper precautions not to consume these foods on a daily basis … it is in our best interest.

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