Do you eat guava in winter? But know this before Eat?

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava:

Right now we are in the corona period. We need more immunity power to face the corona at this point. Otherwise, the corona will attack. If the immune system in our body is low enough… The corona will attack. Therefore… Many people are currently developing immunity to fight the corona.

Not just corona… Other types of viruses and flu should also be avoided so be sure to eat some fruit. We need to include them in our daily diet.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava

The most important of such teeth are guavas. Yes, these are seasonal fruits. Guava is available in plenty in all seasons. Guava is especially popular in the market in winter.

How delicious are the guavas… They also have all the virtues. Guava is especially rich in vitamin C. There are plenty of antioxidants. These remove free radicals from the body.

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Consumption of guava in winter can prevent many types of winter flu viruses. Guava is also high in fiber. It does not cause heart-related diseases. Guava also regulates blood sugar levels.

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