Lady customer Gives $5000 To Waitress In Hotel

Lady customer Gives $5000 To Waitress

Lady customer Gives $5000 To Waitress In Hotel:

An interesting incident took place in Pennsylvania, USA. There is a restaurant called Anthony’s at Paxon Hollow in Pennsylvania. A girl named Gianna Di Angelo is working as a part-time waitress in this restaurant. Gianna is studying nursing education at O University. Doing part-time jobs like this for college fees.

Lady customer Gives $5000 To Waitress

One day, a woman came to the Paxon Hollow restaurant where Gianna worked. She ordered everything she liked and chose not to. Gianna Annie served her everything. While the bill was $ 205, the woman single-handedly gave a tip of $ 5,000. This equates to Rs 3.67 lakh in Indian currency. Waitress Gianna blushed as she received a tip in an eye-popping manner.

Lady customer Gives $5000 To Waitress

Tipu revealed that he could not have imagined that he would receive such a sum. She revealed that she would pay college fees with some money and use some more money for social service. However, the restaurant owner posted this huge tip on social media.

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