You Will Get 1 Crore If You Pay 42 Thosound Every Month

You Will Get 1 Crore If You Pay 42 Thosound Every Month

Thinking of investing cash in hand anywhere? However, you have a lot of options available. However, not all investment instruments offer the same returns. So you need to choose a good option before investing money.

The National Pension System NPS is also one of the best investment options in the market. With this, two accounts have to be opened. Yields about 8% on one account. The rest of the account is about a 12 percent return.

According to investment experts, if you invest Rs 6,000 per month, you will get Rs 1.3 crore in hand at maturity. In addition, the pension amount of more than Rs 27 thousand per month after retirement. However, you have to join this scheme at the age of 30. Another 40 percent annuity option should be selected.

For example, suppose you are 30 years old. Now you have joined NPS. 6,000 per month. Like you have to pay for 30 years. Doing so will give you a lump sum of Rs 1.27 crore at maturity. He will also get a pension of over Rs 42,000 per month. Here we consider investment return as 12 percent and annuity return as 6 percent.

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