Biden removes Trump’s ‘red button’

Biden removes Trump's 'red button'

Biden removes Trump’s ‘red button’:

Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, is completely sidelining those related to former President Trump. Biden, who reversed several of Trump’s decisions, recently made several changes to the official Oval Office in the White House. The “red button” used by Trump on the table for Coke has been removed.

Tom Newton Dunn, a journalist who interviewed Biden, noted this on Twitter. He said there had been a red button on the table when Trump was interviewed in the past. As soon as Trump pressed it, a servant brought a silver plate of diet coke and reminded him to give it to him.

Biden removes Trump's 'red button'

During a recent interview with Biden, he said that the “red button” was not there. Journalist Tom Newton Dunn said Biden would have fired it. It was also revealed that Biden had changed several items, including the chair used by Trump.

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