A mother who risked her life for her baby .. Heart touching video

Heart Touching Video

A mother who risked her life for her baby .. Heart touching video:

Any mother will do her best to save the life of the child. One video that proves this point once again is trending on Twitter. The work done by the mother deer to protect her cub deer is heartbreaking. As the crocodile came to the river to hunt the deer cubs, a mother deer came across the baby as if from next door. The crocodile hunts and eats the deer. Everyone who has seen this video shared by Indian Forest Officer Sushant Nanda .. there are no limits to sale .. this is the best thing to sell in nature .. netizens are pouring in comments.

Netizens remember that Amma is the goddess who sells and walks in any form. A mother who loves all her children equally does not hesitate to make sacrifices when she is needed, regardless of her survival. Everyone must be soaking wet in the cunt when they see this deer risking their lives to save their baby.

In this video posted by IFS officer Sushanta Nanda… “All the forces of the world are in love before mother loves Baladure” is a tear-jerking video. The video of a dumb creature is going viral as if the mother in the animal means to sell, whether it is a human or an animal. A netizen tweeted, “My heart broke when I saw this video.”

Most netizens are tweeting “Janani Devobhava…Salam to all mothers in the world ..” Another netizen tweeted, “I have never seen the highest video of my life.” Have done.

Sushant Nanda, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chilika Development Authority in Odisha, often shares such videos. Lake Chilika in Orissa is unique in that it is a freshwater lake. The roof is a carafe for many creatures and natural beauty. He also provides regular updates on nature’s terror in Uttarakhand through photos and videos.

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