Why Public Toilets In China Dont Have Doors

China Public Toilets

Why Public Toilets In China Dont Have Doors:

China Public Toilets Facts:

Now We Will Know  About The China Public Toilest Facts  Many people who go on world tours are dissatisfied with China toilets. The reason for that is that compared to other countries .. whose toilets are different. Not only that .. There are no separate toilets in most places. All are given in one place. The presence of separate doors. Many would say that the reason for this is that they are so accustomed to that approach.

However, in less developed cities, many places have public-style toilets in public places such as shopping malls. However, instead of using them, they use the squirting toilets that have always been in use in their country. China is still a developing country. Many cities in China appear to be very developed. But, looking at the countryside .. at least Western toilets are not visible in most places.

Why Public Toilets In China Dont Have Doors

Why Public Toilets In China Dont Have Doors

Toilets built in the old fashioned way are more visible. Most of these are doorless. We can see similar things in the village of Jiuzaigou in Aba Province, Sichuan. Most toilets do not even have a flushing system. While some of these may look similar to the Indian model, almost every toilet in India has a door.

However, a Cora user commented on the toilet system in China: “When I visited Shanghai 10 years ago, I did not want to use public bathrooms because they have no doors. Toilets in China do not have privacy. However, my father said that shopping malls have Western toilets. But if you go there .. the doors are very small. It’s very embarrassing to see their face next to us while we are sitting

They said posters in China had suggested that standing toilets could save up to 160 metric tons of water.

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